Pro Pleats

Pleated filters are the most widely-used type of filter in HVAC units today.  They are made in a variety of types, sizes, and efficiencies. 

Pro Pleats are available in three different efficiency ratings: Merv 8, Merv 11, and Merv 13.   Higher efficiencies capture more contaminents and as a result, require more frequent changes.  Pro Pleats are also available in Carbon Media, which is designed to reduce odors. All Pro Pleats are manufactured with moisture resistant beverage board shells with diagonal and horizontal supports to resist flexing or breakdown in humid or moisture environments.   The media is a pleated synthetic blend laminated with an expanded metal X backing for extra strength.

Pro Pleats are manufactured in a variety of standard sizes and may be 1" wide, 2" wide, or 4" wide.  Custom sizes are available.